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Welcome to our online Dreamy Designer Closet!

We currently have over 350 gowns & 7 color angel wings available for our clients to use during their photo sessions.

For clients who are located in Houston, Texas, we have gown fitting appointments available on Mondays Only! Once you have booked your session, more details about gown fittings will be sent to you. For our clients traveling out of state, we will send a preparation guide to fully prepare you for your session!

Most of our gowns are one size fits all; if you have a question about a specific gown/size, please feel free to let us know.

Gowns shown on this website are exclusively for clients of Dreamy Moments Photography LLC.

We do not rent gowns or angel wings.

Couture Gowns


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Fitted gowns


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Angel wings

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Please submit an inquiry in our CONTACT tab to receive an email with the pricing list. Please include the package you are potentially interested in, how many weeks you are along, and any additional information that we should know.

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. Thank you!